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Alarm systems available

The intruder alarm is the cornerstone of any security system and today’s alarms are better than ever, easy-to-operate, low-maintenance, with wired and wireless systems having excellent stability and reliability.

Weather domestic, retail, commercial, industrial or public sector Alpine Security can design a system to your needs and insurance requirements.

Over the years alarm systems have had a lot of bad press for false alarming and alarms ringing all day this is normally down to one of four things.

  1. Cheap unregulated equipment. All equipment used by us complies with the latest EN, BS, Police and Insurance regulations and polices.
  2. Poor installation. As members of the UKAS accredited SSAIB we are regularly inspected to ensure that our systems are installed to the highest standard.
  3. No maintenance. Alarms do need servicing as low batteries and damaged cables can result in false alarms and instability. We offer a range of maintenance options to unsure you system keeps running effectively and hassle free.
  4. Lastly pets. Lots of us are pet lovers but this doesn’t always work well with an alarm system but in this day and age it’s easy to resolve there are now good reliable pet friendly sensors and as long as we know we can find a solution.
Alarms we use

When we are looking at systems we will install we look at three key points one dose it meet all of the current standards two is it reliable and three is it easy for the end user to use. If the answer to all three is yes then we will look at it as intimately these are the three things us as suppliers/installers and our clients want and need.

These no point in having an alarm that too complicated for all to use and we want you to have complete piece of mind.

The two systems we tend to use more often than not are the award winning wireless panel Enforcer and its sister wired/highbred panel the Euro 46.


There are a wide range of ways to get notification for you alarm system weather it’s an auto dialler that will call you and play a pre-recorded massage, a text alert, a App panel giving you full control weather your home of away to a full police response alarm using Digicom, DualCOM of RedCARE Alpine Security can offer the system the meet your requirements and needs

Give us a call on 0800 0842 741 and we’ll talk through the options. Or you can email us at to find out more.


After a number of burglaries in the area we decided that our company would benefit for an Alarm System and a CCTV system, after getting a few quotes we went with Alpine Security which has been a great decision. The service we have received has been superb and we are very impressed with the equipment that was installed. We would strongly recommend Alpine Security and will be using again.